Monday, May 25, 2009

Mary: Two Months Pregnant

My lucky steak ended today because I've been feeling sickish all day. I hate to miss Communion on Sunday, but I did this morning.. After all my talking last night, I didn't go to Wisdom (her alma mater) this afternoon anyway. I was afraid I might get sick on the bus or something. So I spent most of the afternoon sleeping and about 5 I got up feeling much better.

Let's buy the baby something for Christmas. If you're lucky enough to get a 5 -day pass, we can go shopping next Saturday. Otherwise I'll buy a baby dress or sweater or something myself. After all, Mary Jo should have a hope chest too. [I never got a hopechest.]
No, I didn't do any talking in the doctor's office--I just listened. You didn't think it possible, did you? Remember my telling you I could be silent and subdued some times? No, darling, doctors never embarrass me. They're so impersonal anyway. Most of the time you are covered with a sheet anyway. It's silly to get excited about going to the doctor's. That's just part of having a baby....

...Being a mother is just about the best thing that could happen to anyone. Darling, I guess you feel the same way about being a father. Joe, I still can't believe it really. It seems too wonderful to be true.

aww...She really does seem so relaxed about everything. Confident. And reassuring to her nervous husband--sweet!
So matter-of-fact and yet compellingly intimate. Can't wait for more.
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